Best Practices For Automated Security Testing

The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.  Gene Spafford

Security is what that your business needs to grow without any consequence of being attached to vulnerabilities/bugs. Are you aware of its importance?

Security testing is an essential part of the QA process to certify bugs at the initial stage of the development lifecycle. Security testing is the backbone of every business firm to ensure the quality of their designed products. Users always love to use those software and IT platforms those are well secured and consistently test out by their security levels. Any security testing company have the right security testing tools to address any security vulnerabilities and threats out of software. Automated security measures are the best way to achieve quality. Security testing companies use the following automated security testing practices to maintain optimized level quality.

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Performing a security check is important. This process breaks an application into parts to check for security vulnerabilities.  Senior management of an organization required to impose a unique security assurance framework to achieve optimum security. It’s the first step towards the implementation of security testing frameworks.

Integrate The Best Security Practice

Integration of security testing protocols with entire development setup is necessary. Any particular software will only perform well when it is tested out with comprehensive security testing protocols required for your refined product.

Selecting The Right Tool

Choosing the right testing tool during the test process of an IT product is vital.  A security testing company can use latest security testing tools like HP, IBM, McAfee, Symantec to maintain optimum level security. Selection of right tools means you can sustain safety of your product over time.

Security Test Procedures

Security testing of software requires special treatment and approaches. Automated security procedures are very similar to the performance analysis procedures helping developers to detect security bugs to enhance overall performance. Web application penetration testing, mobile application testing, infrastructure security assessment and physical security assessment are their most effective ways to establish security.

Ending Note

Security testing is an essential aspect of quality assurance to optimize the overall performance of software on any available platform. A secure software will be more reliable and less prone to threats. Enhancement in security will undoubtedly improve user’s experience.


Testing Procedures Adopt By Software Testing Company

software-testingProcurement management is not as easy as it seems. Inventory managers always have to make it sure that a fully efficient and reliable IT program is used in all of their departments to conduct precise recording of all their business transactions related to procurement. Procurify is a web based perfectly advanced solution, which allow its users to perform requests, approval purchases by just connecting with a device anywhere they want.  That is among the most admired procurement management solution, help worldwide users to create, track and record all of their inventory transactions. If you are using this particular software to record all of your procurement transactions than, must hire the services of a software testing company in order to accomplish desired results. QA testing is essential, especially for this software to make it sure that it perform well on all expected platforms. A software testing company implement automation testing, functional testing, penetration testing, usability testing and security audit & reviews to get the best quality out of a software. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 7 Has Some Distinguish Features

You can check out the best and most effectual features of iPhone 7 & iPhone7 Plus right here.

Waterproof Body

APPLE has launched their new version of smartphone Iphone7 with new and improvised operating system iOS 10, which runs smart and smoother as compared to their previous versions of operating system. This time Apple have claimed that, this new version is more efficient and productive in terms of speed and performance. The major feature of their new devices is that; both iPhone 7 & 7 plus are water- and dust-resistant and have an IP67 score. It means users will be able to take any of them under up to 1 meter of water for about half an hour. Continue reading

Testing Can Really Help To Maintain Performance

Software quality assurance involve the whole development process, it relates with monitoring and improving the quality of a software.   Software testing services basically involves identification of bugs and vulnerabilities affecting software desired quality or expected performance standards. Software testing analysts employ some advanced and result oriented testing tools and mechanisms to rectify inefficiencies impacting on quality. Software developers have to understand the importance of software testing from the start of the development process. They will have to identify each and every bug from the start of development till the time of its completion. The more accurate will be the testing process the more helpful results it will generate.  Software testing services providers can really help them to identify vulnerabilities impacting on performance. Testing has to be a continuous and sustainable process so as to rectify bugs otherwise desired results cannot be achieved.  The sooner a productive testing approach will be carried out the better results can be generated to assure quality. Continue reading

What Are The Top Automation Testing Companies And How They Work

To maintain the quality,efficiency and performance; development houses engage, automation testing companies to implement resourceful automation testing techniques. Manual testing is laborious and time taking testing approach so automation is now becoming the industry practice for all the software development houses around the globe. Automation simply helps to directly automate highly repetitive test cases so as to deliver required testing results. This testing approach cut testing cost up to 40 % and reduce test time by more than 20%.  Below is the list of top five automation testing companies of the world. Continue reading

What Could Be The Objectives Of Software Testing For Aquilon

Maintaining the quality of software is always essential for its developers so as to keep the interest of their customers in getting required benefits about performing specific tasks. Aquilon as the Supply chain & manufacturing distribution software is extensively used by the industries around the globe so as to maintain the records of their inventory and production process.  Small as well as mid-sized companies could install that software to attain anticipated results regarding the recording and costing of items. Its ERP sale order module delivers the perfect and accurate records of sales, shipments and special order.  Software testing professionals applied a diversified range of testing frameworks and protocols to establish desired performance. These testing approaches could be named as: Continue reading