What Are The Top Automation Testing Companies And How They Work

To maintain the quality,efficiency and performance; development houses engage, automation testing companies to implement resourceful automation testing techniques. Manual testing is laborious and time taking testing approach so automation is now becoming the industry practice for all the software development houses around the globe. Automation simply helps to directly automate highly repetitive test cases so as to deliver required testing results. This testing approach cut testing cost up to 40 % and reduce test time by more than 20%.  Below is the list of top five automation testing companies of the world.

Kualitatem:  Performing software testing services in USA/UK/Australia/UAE; Kualitatem is the top most automation testing company which helps their worldwide clients to sustain the quality of their software through their automation testing protocols. They deliver automation testing services across almost all industry verticals like healthcare, financial, telecom & enterprise web. They have a team of top most automation testers which helps clients to restrain quality of their product.

Performance Lab: Performance lab is also engaged in the implementation of automation testing protocols to all their worldwide users. They are second in the list of top five automation testing companies of the world.  They directly help their customers to uphold the software quality so as to restrain the loyalty of users. Performance lab has a team of more than 250 professionals, who are engaged in automating testing services to their all worldwide clients.

Apica: They are ranked 3rd in the list of top five automation testing companies around the globe. Apica delivers best quality automation testing services for all range of software as well as mobile apps. They are situated in Stockholm Sweden and engaged in the providence of top quality software testing service providers. In automation, they are having some exceptional automation testing experience and working knowledge.

Amdocs: With the passage of time, Amdocs has evolved as one of the best automation testing services provider. They are in the fourth position in the list of top automation testing companies in the world. Their automation testing professionals have complete knowledge and skills so as to find out the bugs and inefficiencies attached to software by employing their automation analysis protocols.

 Centure4Testing: They emerged a lot with the passage of time especially in automation review niche.  Centure4Testing widely use one the track, onsite cloud tester techniques during their automation analysis processes. Their automation testing solutions are low cost and result oriented which helps to identify the bugs & vulnerabilities in a client’s software.  Centure4Testing ranked fifth in the list of top automation testing companies in the world.

Without any doubt, Kualitatem is the leading automation analysis company, which have some distinguish top quality automation testing tools and techniques to evaluate the performance of the software.


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